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BIBaDO Weaning Bib

bibadoHere at Cuddles and Coos we love testing and reviewing products for lesser known, new brands as we understand how hard it is to become a successful and well known business. When the guys at BIBaDo agreed to us reviewing their weaning bib I was extremely excited as these bibs are like no other!

The BIBaDO weaning bib has been created to promote a mess-free weaning experience whilst still allowing your little one to have fun during mealtimes. The bib has been designed to attach to any highchair in order to prevent food or liquid from spilling onto it. It has adjustable elasticated velcro straps that fix to the underneath of the highchair (either under the tray or under the seat if you don’t have a tray) to ensure that the bib stays attached during mealtimes. It has long sleeves which can be adjusted to ensure that wp-image-229320040jpg.jpgclothes are covered at all times and it has an adjustable neck so that it can fit smaller children. It is made from strong material that provides comfort for your little one during use and it can be used frequently without fear of it ripping easily.

One thing in particular that I thought was a great feature to this bib is the fact that it has adjustable sleeves. When Sophia was 6 months old we struggled with long-sleeved bibs due to the arms always being too long so I really wish I had been able to get my hands on one of these back then. Since receiving the BIBaDO bib, we have used it during every mealtime and it has been a saviour especially when Sophia has eaten messier meals. It can also be folded up easily so I have taken it with us when we have eaten out which has been brilliant as some places that we go to do not offer trays with their highchairs.

The BIBaDO bib is designed for ages 6 months and up and can be purchased from the BIBaDO website for £19.95 and although it may seem a little pricey, for once we have a bib that does exactly as it should do. It is easy to clean and store, it prevents lots of mess and best of all it does actually protect clothes! If you are interested in purchasing a BIBaDO bib you can do so by clicking here and trust me, you will be thankful that you did!


Thank you to BIBaDO for allowing us to review their product. All opinions are our own.

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